Now thats what I call a lockdown party!
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I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I only have to follow my heart and concentrate on what I want to say to the world. I run my world. Beyoncé

This will forever be remembered as the year our “normal” changed. Covid19 seems like a dirty word and it certainly doesn’t make many of us feel positive. A high number of businesses have had to adapt or give in to the Lockdown we find ourselves in, and many of us have had to change how we do things. People have looked to the creatives in our communities to boost their dwindling positivity and create something to lift their spirits.

I recall with some sadness the date the venues closed down. My bookings had to be cancelled or postponed indefinitely! But I didn’t want this to mean I stopped giving people something to look forward to or that I stopped entertaining. I set about doing a series of Facebook LIVES both on my page, my personal profile to bring some joy and happiness to my friends and followers, and to make them laugh! I did (and still do) this on a fortnightly basis. I plan to carry on until the venues re-open.

Since doing this, it has become clear people really miss being entertained! People still want and need live entertainment – so I am bringing it to virtual parties! Lockdown parties are the new venue! Grab a bevy, get yourself dressed (if you like), meet with your mates on Zoom, and live stream me to your celebration!

I have had a page added to my website, and you can find out more here on my Lockdown parties page – there are a number of options where you can choose what I sing for you* and a calendar to allow you to book it for yourself! What could be more simple?!

Let’s get the party started… right now!

Kimberley xox

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