It’s been a LONG time!

I cannot believe it’s been THREE years since I properly updated my website!

I’m not lazy, honest. I have just been very busy, both professionally and personally.  But I am BACK to focus on music!

From 2013 to 2016, I enjoyed a residency at a hotel in Lytham but in June 2016 all their entertainment was cancelled.  For a while, I felt a bit lost and sorry for myself… but after 5 minutes, I gave myself a kick up the proverbial, and set about preparing to resurrect my singing career (in a very ungodly way, unfortunately).  I pushed myself into updating my promo material and contacting new venues, promoters and agents.  I have only just touched the surface!

Over the past few years, I have taken on less work from other sources and focused on the work for the one hotel.  In many respects, this has helped me grow as a performer.  But on a personal level, I am a very sociable person and I love to get out there and meet new people and travel to new places, so I do wish to keep working for a variety of people, events and venues moving forward!

“2017, I am coming for you!”

I have also focused on working within the community.  After the Red Ribbon Cabaret came to an end, I worked alongside Laura Worden and Adelle Walmsley to set up POP! Community Cabaret, which focuses on developing people’s confidence and performance skills in a friendly and sociable environment; working with the people within our community in Preston to raise money and awareness for local charities.  I have also continued to work closely with Preston Pride.  2016 was its first year and I am proud to report it was a fantastic success!


This year, I am looking to extend my portfolio of performances, and also looking to do more recording and session work, and to take charge of my own progress and development! 2017, I am coming for you!

While I have been away, I have had some work done updating my photograph portfolio and I will shortly be adding a mix of both live and posed to this website. I have also recorded more songs, which you can download, listen to and share from here .  Enjoy! x


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