Transcending Outer SPACE

On 8th February 2014, I sang as a Finalist in the Furness Building Society’s Charity Challenge.  Sadly, I didn’t place BUT I did manage to secure the SPACE Centre £100 (as did fellow Finalists Ryan and Craig! WOOHOO!) and so some good did come of this!!!  The event was held at the Lancaster Grand Theatre.  The staff there were amazing, as were the event organisers – thank you to all for your kind words and hospitality!

Now. About the SPACE Centre. It’s not so long since somebody defrauded the Preston-based charity, and they have a severe lack of funding going on, despite all the hard work put in by the Centre and volunteers alike.

So I have a plan. Two plans in fact.

Number 1 plan. I am going to record an album of covers what I likes singing. I am going to try to sell these at gigs and what not. I am then going to gift all the profits (after recouping the costs for getting the thing going) to the SPACE Centre. I am also going to try and volunteer some of my time to their fundraising events where I can.

Number 2 plan. I am fed up with myself whining and moaning about not doing much with my life and now more than ever (as an ace mummy) I want to show my little girl that you have to go and get what you want.  Make it happpen!

If you are particularly liking Number 1 plan, I will give more details soon.

You can also donate to The Space Centre by making contact with them HERE

Big loves.



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